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A Little Peace of Nature!

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Belmopan Tiny House
Each of our 5 Tiny Houses comes has about 350Square feet and has an eating area, small living space, and kitchenette. There is no AC so fans are provided and each unit has windows to keep cool.
Private bathroom
Each Tiny House has a private bathroom.  Only 2 of the 5 have hot and cold water at this time and the campgrounds bathroom is also cold water.  Be sure to check out each unit description on our booking sites and!
Belmopan Tiny Houses
Outdoor firepit
The Belmopan Tiny Houses is a rustic and quality tiny house development tucked in a beautiful forested environment just minutes from Belmopan's central areas. It's a perfect environment for nature lovers and visitors who just need a get away from the hustle and bustle of daily lfe!  Because "Tiny Houses" are located in Belmopan, there are numerous gorgeous tourist sites nearby for day trips such as the St. Herman's Cave and Blue Hole (20 mins away), the Belize Zoo (30 mins); ATM Cave (20 mins), Cave's Branch (25 mins), Guanacaste Park (10 mins), and San Ignacio (45 mins) . Free private parking is available on site. For a very affordable cost you get an entire tiny house with a bedroom and loft bedroom, small kitchen, equipped with a fridge, stovetop and cooking utensils. Each unit is fitted with a private bathroom with free toiletries. Belmopan Tiny Houses also includes a shared boardwalk for relaxing, outdoor firepit and hammocks, and a spacious campgrounds with outdoor bathroom for a shower under the clear starry Belizean nights! The nearest airport is Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport, 57 km from Belmopan Tiny Houses.  We sure hope you join us to share in our "Little Peace of Nature"!

We have a large outdoor firpit with seating that is great for roasting marshmellows or BBQ.  Also great for group activities and socializing!

In The Neighborhood

Our Belmopan Tiny Houses are tucked away in a very lovely forested environment in Belmopan, but it feels more like a forest retreat! We built with the forest and wildlife in mind to keep the feel of our beautiful nature setting, while only minutes away from the center of Belmopan!  In this environment you get to see our native plants, butterflies, birds, lizards, grey fox, mangoose and other native wildlife and plants! Come stay in our "Little Peace of Nature" in the heart of Belize! 
Relax in hammocks under the forest canopy! Our recent guest Harriet from Australia wrote:
"Peaceful, beautiful and comfortable. Lovely place to stay!!
It felt so out of the city like a little paradise and yet you could use their bikes and ride into town easily. Carren is amazing, so accommodating and helpful and it's such a beautiful and peaceful property made with love."
Our spacious common areas provide great spaces to socialize or to be on your own enjoying the relaxing environment!  Each unit has a front door with access to a common boardwalk, and shared picnic area - a great area if you feel like socializing!  Each unit has a back step if you wand to sit on your own or enjoy the backyard hammocks or firepit seating or throw a blanket on the grass and relax!  You are free to enjoy all the spaces!
This way to the Belmopan Tiny Houses!  To get to the Belmopan Tiny Houses take Cemetery Road and take a left unto Calle Las Americas.  You will see this sign on the corner of the 4th lane on the left!  Less than a minute in you will see our tiny houses on your right tucked into a lovely forest environment!
Belmopan is one of the smallest capital cities in the world so most shops are small compared to big cities!  AAA Supermarket is one of the small shops in walking distance from the Belmopan Tiny Houses! Some common Belizean foods found nearby are burritos, tacos, and stuffed fry jacks on this street.
Belmopan Tiny Houses: A Little Peace of Nature


The Belmopan Tiny Houses was created for nature lovers and visitors with an adventurous spirit!  Come stay with us where you can explore numerous other attractions in day trips!
  1. Cozy seating area
    Cozy seating area
    Each tiny house comes with a small seating area for eating
  2. Dining, Kitchen and living areas
    Dining, Kitchen and living areas
    Tiny House living spaces!
  3. Bedroom
    Each unit has one bedroom with different size beds from bunk bed, to double, queen or twin beds. Please look at description in, or to get an idea of your bedroom type.
  4. Tiny Hostel Bedroom
    Tiny Hostel Bedroom
    Bunk beds available in tiny hostel
  5. Tiny House overview
    Tiny House overview
    Belmopan Tiny Houses is built with our natural Belizean environment in mind!
  6. Campgrounds bathroom
    Campgrounds bathroom
    Shower under the clear starry Belizean nights!
Company Profile
As an avid traveller in Belize and around the world, I understand the needs of travellers to have a lovely space to relax in, while being budget-friendly!  Tiny Houses was developed for travellers like you who want to see the world and have a great experience.

We try our best to create a space where relaxation of our guests is a high priority.  With this in mind, each tiny house comes equipped with bedroom, kitchen area with cooktop, refrigerator and cooking utensils as most of our guests enjoy making some of their own meals. Eanh unit also has a private bathroom, and a loft bedroom, and other amenities to make your budget accommodation as comfortable as possible! Come join us!

Belmopan Tiny Houses is a small tiny house development that was made with love for Belize's natural and beautiful environment! You can see large native trees like the rain tree, gumbolimbo, craboo, and cohune palm that provide home, food, medicine and shade for all creatures.  With over 10 years of experience in the environmental and natural resources fields and with experince as an urban planner and climate change practitioner, the owner, Carren envisioned tiny houses and made it a reality in 2016!  

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Belmopan Tiny Houses, Calle Las Americas, Salvapan, Belmopan
Telephone:   (501) 610-4419
If you got any questions about the Belmopan Tiny Houses, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours !
Belmopan Tiny Houses

A Little Peace of Nature